Gold and Silver Storage/Sales

A comprehensive inventory service that includes daily reporting on stock positions, full liability of stock and management throughout the supply chain from mine to end-user. Preparation of the shipment in accordance with designated instructions, including industry-standard weigh-ins, collection of documents for letter of credit, storage, acceptance and release of shipment upon receipt of formal instructions and facilities for third party inspection and assaying.

More and more people are purchasing bullion as an alternative to other investments available. Over the past year there is an increased awareness of the benefits of purchasing bullion, and the benefits of taking possession of the bullion and securely storing it within a safe deposit box, as opposed to a communal investment pool. If you are considering purchasing bullion, ascertain the best method of taking control of your possession.

If required SPDF Security Company can obtain insurance cover through certain underwriters on your behalf. This will not only save you time and money but also provide you with additional peace of mind. SPDF Security Company is an independently owned company and is not associated with any bank, financial institution or goverment body. Each safe deposit box can hold a maximum of 60kg each.


SPDF Security Company Gold can also source:

  • Suisse PAMP Bars (with or without Certificates) - Gold or Silver
  • Asian Nuggets (Coins)
  • Silver Coins - Asia and International