Do it at your own convenient time

A dual-key system opens the safe deposit boxes. SPDF Security Company holds the preparatory key, and the customer has the other. Each customer has an exclusive key for their locker for which there are no spare keys available. In the unlikely event of a customer misplacing a key, SPDF Security Company will replace the lock in the presence of the customer at the customer's expense.

For your convenience, you can access your safe deposit boxes during the following times:

Date Times Duration

Monday - Saturday
Closed Public Holiday

9:00am - 5:00pm
9:00am - 3:00pm


Provides facilities, management expertise, software and hardware for counting, transporting and storing customer cash, all this for your convenience. Specially trained staff handles large volumes of cash at technologically-advanced facilities to ensure cash processing speed and accuracy. SPDF Security Company help transform resource-draining cash functions into powerful advantages that drive operational efficiencies, lower risk, and enhance competitive advantage.


By utilizing proprietary machinery, SPDF Security Company sorts, counts, wraps and stores coin with signature speed, accuracy and security. All these for your convenience, where time is well spent and stress free.