Secure and Secret in a safe place

Our vault maintains a higher rating. The vault is secured by a combination locked, 3 tonne composite barrier door manufactured in Germany, United States. The vault walls, floor and ceiling were specifically constructed to ensure that all safe deposit boxes were secured beyond the expectations of not only our insurance company but that of the American Standards' requirements. SPDF Security Company engages the services of Chubb Electronic Security, which independently monitors the vault and premises 24/7.

Our security measures, procedures, protocols and customer service surpass that of existing banking institutional facilities. Providing you with ultimate in security, protecting your valuables to the highest standard available. Access to the vault from the secure waiting lounge is by way of a biometric hand scanner, customer code and digital photo recognition equipment. Once the hand scanner has positively matched your customer code with the biometric details, a digital image allows the guard to positively identify you. Access is subsequently granted and you are able to enter the restricted zone where you will be accompanied into the vault.



SPDF Security Company offers a Virtual Vault solutions enable commercial deposit processing virtually anywhere and combines cash logistics, Web-based information tools and secure armored transportation to help financial institutions compete in new markets without expanding brick-and-mortar branch networks. Vault services generate powerful, bottom-line benefits by lowering costs, increasing market share, expanding market reach and enhancing customer service.

When choosing a safe deposit box facility, ensure that you are receiving the best security available; not all safe deposit box facilities are the same. You should confirm the following:

  1. You receive the only two keys to the safe deposit box and there are no copies kept else where;
  2. That the procedures of identifying you as a customer to access your safe deposit box are protected; eg. Can someone steal your identity and your keys – sign your name to obtain access to your safe deposit box?
  3. That the facility has an unlimited power supply (“UPS”) – eg. If there is a power failure that the back-up system allows uninterupted security monitoring;
  4. You should ensure that the security monitoring of the facility is an independent entity to that of the operators of the facility;
  5. That there are at least three methods of back-to-base monitoring;
  6. That the vault is fire proof, without any ventilation ducts.